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Occipital nerve blocks in Glendale, CA

Occipital nerve block is a minimally invasive treatment for patients suffering from persistent migraines, cluster headaches, and neuralgia. The medical provider injects a local anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications (corticosteroids) into the back of the head to alleviate occipital nerve inflammation and reduce pain. This procedure diagnoses the true root cause of chronic headaches and provides instant pain relief. Brand Surgical Institute offers personalized occipital nerve blocks to diagnose and treat the root cause of headaches in Glendale.

Occipital nerve blocks alleviate headaches
caused by the following conditions:

  • Occipital neuralgia
  • Migraines
  • Cluster headaches
  • Other types of headaches

How do occipital nerve blocks alleviate headaches?

The occipital nerves are a group of nerve roots that start at the base of the skull and run throughout the scalp. When the occipital nerves are inflamed or compressed, you experience severe headaches at the back of the skull (occipital neuralgia). The pain from occipital nerve compression may go around your head, up to your forehead, and into your eyes. Even if the occipital nerves aren’t damaged, they still carry pain signals caused by other factors, leading to migraines and cluster headaches.

Occipital nerve blocks involve delivering local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory medications into the regions around the inflamed occipital nerves. Local anesthetics numb the targeted nerves and provide instant pain relief, and corticosteroids alleviate inflammation and swelling. Occipital nerve blocks also allow doctors to identify the source of your headaches, which allows them to curate long-term treatment plans. The pain doctor will administer injections into different parts of your scalp to identify the true source of headaches.

Benefits of occipital nerve blocks:

  • Minimally invasive treatment — no incisions or scarring
  • Helps the doctor identify the true root cause of headaches
  • Treats occipital neuralgia
  • Alleviates nerve inflammation and swelling
  • Provides instant pain relief
  • Concludes within 30 minutes
  • No harsh side effects or complications
  • No post-treatment downtime — resume daily activities immediately

Your occipital nerve blocks experience at BSI

Brand Surgical Institute performs personalized occipital nerve blocks after a thorough evaluation. Our medical providers will administer numerous imaging tests to narrow down the potential sources of headaches, i.e., the inflamed occipital nerves responsible for carrying pain signals. After identifying the inflamed nerves, the pain doctor will cleanse your scalp, administer local anesthesia for comfort, and inject corticosteroids into the space around the occipital nerves. The pain doctor may also deliver injections at various locations to identify the true source of your headaches.

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Brand Surgical Institute is the leading ambulatory surgery center specializing in minimally invasive pain treatments in Glendale. Our pain management specialists and spine surgeons always perform thorough evaluations to identify the root cause of pain, following which they curate a sustainable, conservative path towards a pain-free life. We avoid opioids and only provide surgeries when all non-surgical solutions fail to yield the desired results. Please schedule an appointment to explore your candidacy for occipital nerve blocks in Glendale.

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